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Dear GO FAIR community,

GO FAIR’s governance is taking shape: In the previous weeks, the Stakeholder Forum put forward Executive Board nominations on behalf of the Implementation Networks, five GO FAIR members took on the responsibility to act as members of the Executive Board, and the Steering Committee confirmed the Executive Board’s composition during its first meeting. For us, it is great to see GO FAIR members take charge of GO FAIR, dedicating time and effort to actively shape the initiative’s development in terms of work programmes and coordination across Implementation Networks. It is this kind of commitment that makes GO FAIR what is supposed to be: stakeholder-driven and self-governed. Let us assure you that we appreciate this commitment and that the GO FAIR Support and Coordination office will do its best to assist the governance bodies with their activities.

Who exactly the members of the Executive Board are and what decisions the Steering Committees took is of course part of this second edition of the newsletter – along with short and crisp information on GO FAIR people and activities. Enjoy the read!

All the best,
Patrick Garda, Barend Mons & Klaus Tochtermann
Strategic Directors, GO FAIR Initiative


Did you know… GO Read

In this section you will learn about Implementation Networks that have recently acquired “active” status, recent IN activities and opportunities. This way, we ensure that you always stay on top of things happening in the “GO FAIR” family.

New “active” GO FAIR Implementation Networks:

The Global Integrated Earth Data Implementation Network – short: GAIA IN – is committed to increasing the FAIRness of Earth Science data. Being actively involved in infrastructure initiatives such as ENVRI at the European level or “Système Terre” at the French level, its members want to build on and promote pre-existing coordination work, services, tools, and recommendations. Their major objective will be to facilitate access to both space and in-situ data (land, sea, air), for example by defining common catalogue standards or by forging agreement within international initiatives. IN leader is Frédéric Huynh, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (France).

GO Inter
The Implementation Network “Cross-Domain Interoperability of Heterogeneous Research Data” – short: GO Inter – tackles cross-disciplinary implementation of the FAIR principles. Its focus is on semantic interoperability of heterogeneous research (meta)data across discipline borders. The members of GO Inter want to apply, develop and evaluate methods, tools and guidelines based on cross-community research use cases for which they plan on implementing reference applications. The IN will collaborate with similar initiatives such as the H2020 project FAIRsFAIR and related RDA Interest Groups. IN leader is Peter Mutschke, GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences (Germany).

New GO FAIR country offices:

Recently, Brazil and the USA joined the GO FAIR initiative.

The Brazil office opened and is hosted by the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology. Its main focus and activities will be to support Implementation Networks and ensure their compliance with the FAIR principles. GO FAIR Brazil will bring IN activities in context with Brazilian science and innovation. More details and contact information can be found on their country page.

The US office opened and is hosted by the US National Data Services (NDS) at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), University of California San Diego. GO FAIR USA will support the decisions and activities related to the adoption of the GO FAIR implementation strategies within the US and its territories, and focus on the general goal of increasing FAIR data stewardship. More details and contact information can be found on their country page.

Reports from internal events

  • On May 24, 2019 the GO FAIR Steering Committee met in Berlin at the Federal Ministry for Education and Research. The Committee appreciated what has been done and achieved so far, and discussed the strategic positioning of the GO FAIR initiative in relation to the various national and international activities in the field of research data management and the country/regional involvement with regards to non-European activities. The Committee also made strategic recommendations for future fields of action.
  • The GO FAIR Stakeholder Forum accepted the following GO FAIR Executive Board members, who were approved by the GO FAIR Steering Committee on May 24, 2019:
  • On May 15, 2019 the third Germany GOes FAIR workshop took place in Cologne (Germany). Read the report to learn about this workshop’s objectives and results.


  • The CO-OPERAS IN won best poster during the EOSC-hub Week 2019. Elena Giglia and Suzanne Dumouchel’s winning poster “CO-OPERAS Implementation Network: FAIR Data in the SSH” addresses the FAIRification of data in the Social Sciences and Humanities.


  • 19-20 September 2019, Beijing (China): The CODATA 2019 Conference themed “Towards next-generation data-driven science: policies, practices and platforms” is open for submission: Call for presentations and posters (deadline: 17 June 2019)

GO Meet

This section gives you an overview of conferences and workshops where you can meet up with fellow GO FAIR members if you happen to attend the same event or are in the same town. We think that it is always more pleasant to interact face-to-face rather than just virtually.

In order for this category to work we do need your help! Please drop us a line at go-fair@zbw.eu and tell us where you can be met in the future.

External events

Meet INs:

  • 15-19 July 2019, Zagreb (Croatia): Say hello to Fidan Limani from the GeRDI IN at ESRA 2019


INternal events


People of GO FAIR

In this section we would like to introduce you to members of our GO FAIR family. In each newsletter we will provide you with a short profile of two GO FAIR members: one IN representative and one Steering Committee representative.

IN representative:

Susanna Sansone, co-leader of the FAIR StRePo IN

Professor Susanna-Assunta Sansone is an Associate Director, Associate Professor and Principal Investigator at the Oxford e-Research Centre, part of the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. Her Data Readiness Group researches and develops methods and tools to improve data reuse, for data transparency, research integrity and the evolution of scholarly publishing. Susanna is one of the authors of the FAIR principles paper and an active (co)leader to a variety of community-driven FAIR-enabling efforts, one of them being FAIRsharing.org. As a curated resource on data and metadata standards, repositories as well as data policies, FAIRsharing is among the few flagship outputs of the Research Data Alliance; it is endorsed by a variety of stakeholders and also serves as a key platform of the FAIR StRePo IN, where Susanna and her co-lead Peter McQuilton aim to help other GO FAIR INs promote their output and better reach relevant stakeholder communities.

Steering Committee representative:

Marin Dacos, French ministerial representative

Marin Dacos is Scientific Advisor for Open Science at the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. He has been highly involved in the writing process of the French Open Science Plan, and is deeply involved in the activities of the Open Science Committee. He was the Founding Director of OpenEdition, a scholarly infrastructure dedicated to open access publications in human and social sciences (HSS), created in 1999. With more than 500 journals, 6000 books, 2500 academic blogs, OpenEdition is considered as a leading European initiative. He received the prestigious CNRS innovation medal in 2016, being the second scholar in human and social science to receive it, after Esther Duflo. He is the author of dozen of articles and two books about digital humanities and open science.



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