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The Executive Board (EB) is the representative body for the Implementation Networks (IN). Members of the EB are proposed by the Stakeholder Forum and the composition is approved by the Steering Committee. EB members are often active in the INs, but this is not a requirement.

The role of the EB is to ensure that GO FAIR achieves its long-term goals as defined by the Steering Committee. It ensures that Implementation Networks are represented accurately and communicates structurally with GO FAIR’s International Support and Coordination Office (GFISCO).

Furthermore, the Executive Board will coordinate within and between the pillars: GO CHANGE, GO TRAIN and GO BUILD, to ensure maximum exchange of experiences and developments. These processes will be supported and facilitated by the GFISCO.

The EB membership is intended to be balanced among the three GO FAIR pillars, the intention is to reach a total of nine members (three representatives per pillar).
Initially, it is proposed that Erik Schultes (GFISCO International Science Coordinator) serves as the Secretary of the Executive Board.