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Interested in becoming a member of GO FAIR? You can do so either by joining an existing Implementation Network or by forming a new one. Below you’ll find a description of how Implementation Networks are formed.

There are three phases that an Implementation Network has to undergo before it becomes active:

  1. Interested Implementation Network
  2. Preparatory Implementation Network
    • The representative (link to profiles) of the GO FAIR pillar that is most closely linked to the activities of the proposed IN will get in touch and schedule a preparatory call to discuss the scope of the new IN and the manifesto preparation;
    • A kickoff meeting to kick-off the activities of the preparatory Implementation Network will be scheduled as necessary;
    • In the kickoff meeting the group finalizes their manifesto, outlining their objectives, strategy, IN partners, and a timeline. See for example the manifesto of the Personal Health Train here.
    • The manifesto (including a statement about adhering to the Rules of Engagement) will be signed by the consortium coordinator.
    • This manifesto should be sent to the GFISCO within one month after kick-off.
    • The GFISCO will inform the coordinator about the progress/outcome of the IN review and approval within two weeks after the manifesto has been submitted.
  3. Active Implementation Network
    • Once the manifesto has been approved by GFISCO, the IN begins the active implementation period.
    • After the goals of the IN specified in the manifesto have been met, there is final reporting and meeting, after which the IN dissolves.