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The activities of the GO FAIR Implementation Networks are organized into three broad Pillars;

GO BUILD, focus on FAIR technology;
GO CHANGE, focus on priorities, policies and incentives for implementing FAIR;
GO TRAIN, focus on FAIR awareness and skills development training.

Within organizations large and small, public and private, there is growing commitment to implement the FAIR principles. To be effective, FAIR approaches need prioritization, mandates and support and acknowledgment of the work, time, and effort invested in it.

The GO CHANGE process aims at a paradigm shift establishing a new FAIR academic culture. Reward systems should fully acknowledge researchers’ efforts to follow the FAIR principles when evaluating and supporting their research careers.

Support and coordination in GO CHANGE
The GO FAIR International Support and Coordination Office works with organizations (e.g. at the university level) as well as public policy actors (e.g. research funding organisations) to ensure that FAIR-related policy decisions are well-informed and coordinated with other organizations that are also going FAIR, as well as between the activities in the GO BUILD and GO TRAIN Pillars.

In particular, support and coordination for GO CHANGE-related Implementation Networks (INs) by the GO FAIR International Support and Coordination Office involves:

  • Advisory on development of new GO CHANGE-related INs, including finalizing manifestos;
  • Identifying overlaps/synergies between INs;
  • Ensuring alignment of incentive schemes across INs;
  • Developing agreed acknowledgement measures, e.g. citation of research data;
  • Assisting INs with their awareness-raising activities as regards FAIR;