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GO FAIR has an International Support and Coordination Office (GFISCO) and National Support and Coordination Offices.

GO FAIR International Support and Coordination Office (GFISCO)

The GO FAIR International Support and Coordination Office (GFISCO) is an internationally operating office at three sites – Paris, Hamburg and Leiden – to support the implementation and further development of GO FAIR. It is funded by the Ministries of Science of France, Germany and the Netherlands. Strategic Directors are Prof Patrick Garda (France), Prof Klaus Tochtermann (Germany) and Prof Barend Mons (The Netherlands). The staff of the office works very closely together across borders.

GFISCO has the following tasks:

  • Support the initiation and the operation of GO FAIR Implementation Networks that operate internationally. GFISCO explicitly does not have the mandate to tell GO FAIR Implementation Networks what to do, but to support them in what they decide to do. The office helps preparatory Implementation Networks with the administrative issues related to creating a manifesto and with finding additional partners; it also offers services for new international INs that do not have enough critical mass to make the desired impact or that do not (yet) have a clear work plan
  • Coordinate the activities amongst the various GO FAIR Implementation Networks to ensure optimal synergy and to prevent undue duplication of effort and undetected silo or monopoly formation
  • Raise awareness of FAIR and GO FAIR in all interested disciplines and countries
  • Support the GO FAIR governance bodies in their activities. It coordinates activities of relevance to both the Steering Committee and Executive Board/Stakeholder Forum, thus acting at a ‘translational level’.

Here is an overview of the support measures provided by GFISCO.

National Support and Coordination Offices

Countries wishing to join GO FAIR at the national level will likely have a national ‘support team’. Faithful to the nature of GO FAIR, there is no predetermined format for those teams. They can vary from one ‘national coordinator’ (potentially one of the coordinators of an Implementation Network) to a full National Support and Coordination Office. Yet, there are some general guidelines for GO FAIR involvement on a country level.

A GO FAIR national support team is responsible for the engagement and alignment of the national stakeholders related to the GO FAIR initiative. It may support GO FAIR Implementation Networks that start exclusively national. Representative(s) of the national GO FAIR teams or offices will interact according to agreed work plans with GFISCO.