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How to GO FAIR

Since its beginning in early 2018, the GO FAIR community has been working towards implementations of the FAIR Guiding Principles. This collective effort has resulted in a three-point framework that formulates the essential steps towards the end goal, a global Internet of FAIR Data and Services where data are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) for machines.


A framework guiding FAIRification

The Three-point FAIRification Framework provides practical “how to” guidance to stakeholders seeking to go FAIR.

Moreover, by following this framework, stakeholders can rest assured that their efforts toward FAIRification will be optimally coordinated with the efforts of other stakeholders in the GO FAIR community. The three-point framework maximizes reuse of existing resources, maximizes interoperability, and accelerates convergence on standards and technologies supporting FAIR data and services.

  • Typically, the FAIRification process begins when a community of practice considers its domain-relevant metadata requirements and other policy considerations, and formulates these considerations as machine-actionable metadata components. These considerations can be guided in Metadata for Machines (M4M) Workshops.
  • The re-usable metadata schemata produced in the M4M compose part of the larger FAIR Implementation Profile (FIP).
  • The FAIR Implementation Profile in turn guides the choice and configuration of FAIR infrastructure, for example the use of FAIR Data Points (FDP) or FAIR Digital Objects (FDO) which contribute to a global Internet of FAIR Data and Services.

The framework is an elegant approach which helps a broad spectrum of stakeholders to see what “going FAIR” means in practice to them, and to insert themselves into the emerging FAIR landscape. Not only does this keep the priority set on the practical elements of FAIRification, but it allows a distributed approach to community coordination that is necessary for rapid scaling and convergence.

Three-point FAIRification icons

The official icons for the Three-Point FAIRification Framework (Metadata for Machines Workshops, FAIR Implementation Profile and FAIR Data Point) have been registered at Zenodo under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International  license.