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The GO FAIR governance structure is determined by the expressed needs of the GO FAIR Implementation Networks (IN) and the participating National Support Offices (NSO). The current governance structure, which was put in place in 2022, has been developed in 2021 by the Executive Board in cooperation with the GO FAIR International Support and Coordination Office (GFISCO) and by the NSO. It consists of two governance bodies:

  1. The Stakeholder Forum (SF)
  2. The Executive Board (EB)

which are supported by the distributed GFISCO and the National Support Offices.

How are the governance bodies constituted?

  • The Stakeholder Forum consists of the IN coordinators.
  • The members of the Executive Board are nominated and (s)elected by the Stakeholder Forum. Additionally, two EB members are nominated by the Board of Directors of the NSO. The EB members then elect an EB Chair and a Vice Chair.