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The activities of the GO FAIR Implementation Networks are organized into three broad Pillars;

GO BUILD, focus on FAIR technology;
GO CHANGE, focus on priorities, policies and incentives for implementing FAIR;
GO TRAIN, focus on FAIR awareness and skills development training.

GO TRAIN aims to create a scalable, stakeholder-driven framework to rapidly train large numbers of competent, certified data stewards.

A major challenge is to effectively coordinate the numerous and diverse stakeholders in FAIR-related training where currently fragmentation and re-invention of the wheel are potential risks. GO TRAIN seeks an open, canonical training and education approach that can serve as a touchstone for global FAIR skills development drawing on agreed best practices.

GO FAIR’s International Office supports and coordinates the following broad activities within the GO TRAIN Pillar:

  • Advisory on development of new GO TRAIN-related INs, including finalizing manifestos
  • Identifying overlaps/synergies between INs
  • The development of training curricula focused on FAIR Data Stewardship
  • The development of certification schema’s for competencies in FAIR Data Stewardship and other FAIR related services