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Dear GO FAIR community,

Cross-disciplinary research data stewardship is more important than ever. If nothing else, we were surely taught (again) over the last few months about the necessity of making data and objects globally findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR) across the different research disciplines to answer societal relevant research questions.

Our International FAIR Convergence Symposium, that we co-organize with CODATA, seeks to advance international and cross-domain convergence around FAIR, and we strongly invite you to submit your proposals for sessions by 20 July, and posters as well as lightning talks by 21 August.

The central topics of the symposium include crisis reduction and response in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak, FAIR specifications, FAIR society, and data stewardship training and career opportunities. We listed examples under each theme on our dedicated symposium website, but you are welcome to submit proposals on other topics related to the four themes. Let us join forces and tackle some of the major global challenges we are facing together!

The conference dates, 22-23 October 2020, might be extended or shifted due to COVID-19 related venue challenges. We promise to inform you as soon as possible in case of any changes.

We would also like to seize this opportunity to highlight a recent development that accommodates the exponentially growing demand for GO FAIR support and coordination since the VODAN IN was launched 14 weeks ago: the three-point framework for FAIRification efforts which allows stakeholders to more easily organise themselves into productive relations and to see what “going” FAIR means in practice. Visit our website for more information on the Three-point FAIRification framework.

All the best,
Laurent Crouzet, Barend Mons & Klaus Tochtermann
Strategic Directors, GO FAIR Initiative


Did you know… GO Read

In this section you will learn about Implementation Networks that have recently acquired “active” status, recent IN activities and opportunities. This way, we ensure that you always stay on top of things happening in the “GO FAIR” family.

New “active” GO FAIR Implementation Network:

Materials Cloud
The Materials Cloud IN starts from the belief that while researchers in the field are aware and supportive of the principles of FAIR data and Open Science, the hurdle to make their work FAIR is typically too large to overcome without the suitable tools to assist. The IN is therefore committed to provide such tools to researchers and help them in adopting best practices and common formats. The goal of the Materials Cloud IN is to provide open-source, robust and reliable tools and platforms to help researchers across the world to ensure reproducibility of computational research and FAIR sharing of the resulting data. IN Coordinator is Giovanni Pizzi.

Reports from internal events

  • Missed the FAIR Digital Object hackathon on 18-19 May 2020 organized by GO Inter? Check out the report to find out what the working groups discussed.
  • VODAN Africa organized a series of webinars and workshops around FAIR data and metadata for machines. Find out more: VODAN Africa and the Journey of a Thousand Tiny Steps



Interesting reads from the INs

GO Meet

This section gives you an overview of conferences and workshops where you can meet up (virtually) with fellow GO FAIR members if you happen to attend the same event or are in the same town.

In order for this category to work we do need your help! Please drop us a line at go-fair@zbw.eu and tell us where you can be met in the future.

External events

Meet INs:


INternal events


People of GO FAIR

In this section we would like to introduce you to members of our GO FAIR family. In each newsletter we will provide you with a short profile of two GO FAIR members.

IN representative:

Peter Mutschke, IN Coordinator of GO Inter

Peter Mutschke is deputy head of the department “Knowledge Technologies for the Social Sciences (WTS)” at GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Cologne, and leader of the team “FAIR Data and Human Information Interaction”. His research interests include Information Retrieval, Network Analysis and Open Science.
Peter has been involved in a number of national and international research projects such as the H2020 projects “Open Mining Infrastructure for Text and Data (OpenMinTeD)” and “Training towards a society of data-savvy information professionals to enable open leadership innovation (MOVING)” as well as the COST action “Analyzing the dynamics of information and knowledge landscapes (KNOWeSCAPE)”.
Peter serves as a member of the management committee of the Leibniz research alliance “Open Science” and coordinates the GO FAIR Implementation Network on “Cross-Domain Interoperability of Heterogeneous Research Data (GO Inter)” which focuses on cross-domain data searching and linking.

Executive Board representative:

Suzanne Dumouchel, Vice Chair of the GO FAIR Executive Board & one of the coordinators of the CO-OPERAS IN

Suzanne Dumouchel, PhD in French literature, is a research engineer at the CNRS. She works in the Huma-Num unit, an infrastructure for digital humanities. She leads the European project TRIPLE which aims to develop a platform for data discovery, research projects and researchers in Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) with which various innovative services are associated.
She is co-coordinator of the European infrastructure OPERAS, in charge of strategic partnerships, dedicated to open access scholarly communication in the field of SSH. In addition, she is involved in the setting up of the EOSC by participating in various working groups and by developing services to integrate the EOSC catalogue.
Strongly committed to the Open Science movement and to the promotion of research in SSH, she is particularly active in the field of research infrastructures. She is currently Vice-Chair of the GO FAIR Executive Board and involved in the coordination of the CO-OPERAS IN.



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