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Instructions for completing a GO FAIR Implementation Network Manifesto:

As part of the routine process by which new or existing partnerships form GO FAIR Implementation Networks, a “Manifesto” should be completed in consultation with the GFISCO. This ensures a level of structure, support and coordination within the larger GO FAIR community and minimizes the risk of ‘reinventing wheels’ and the adoption of incompatible standards. Although there is some required text, the document is intended to engender maximum latitude for innovation and implementation.

A GO FAIR Implementation Network Manifesto is a brief (not more than 2 pages), high-level description of the aims and operations for the prospective IN.

Below is a template that can help focus and expedite the Manifesto writing process.

Note: where indicated, some text elements are required

Manifesto of the [name] GO FAIR Implementation Network

[Short paragraph, context and justification]

Purpose of the Implementation Network:
[A few sentences with clear contact and alignment with the FAIR principles]

Overarching Principle of Operation
“We commit to comply with the Rules of Engagement of GO FAIR Implementation Networks” [required text].

Targeted Objectives for the Internet of FAIR Data and Services:

The Primary Tasks:
Task 1: Complete the execution plan & roadmap as part of the process becoming a GO FAIR Implementation Network (within in 3 months) [required text] Task 2: …
Task 3: …

Membership list:
We consider this Manifesto to be one way by which the undersigned stakeholders can speak with one voice on a number of critical issues that are of generic importance to the objectives of FAIR, and on which we feel we have reached consensus. [required text]

[List of stakeholders, either people (names & affiliations, with ORCIDs) and/or organizations. Physical signatures are not required. These stakeholders can be existing or targeted, and intended to demonstrate “critical mass” and the potential international community impact]

[Divide all the task into a timeline]

[To ensure timely execution of the IN intake process and IN roadmap]


Manifesto examples:

Manifesto of the C2CAMP-ll-DK

Manifesto of the Personal Health Train (PHT)

Manifesto of EcoSoc

Manifesto of CO-OPERAS

Manifesto of GeRDI