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Early-mover FAIR communities produce first FAIR Implementation Profiles

In preparation for the International FAIR Convergence Symposium, a set of early-mover FAIR communities from the Social Sciences, Geo Sciences, Chemistry, Materials, Environmental Sciences, Oceanography, and Biodiversity are participating in a series of FIP-Convergence Workshops where they first produce, under guidance and with novel tools, Community FAIR Implementation Profile. Afterward, they assess their profile with respect to others using a growing Convergence Matrix, that enables informed and coordinated decision-making to optimise reuse of resources and interoperation.

As of publication, three of five scheduled FIP-Convergence Workshops have been held, the above figure gives a hint of the resulting Convergence Matrix. In a final preparatory meeting on November 19, participants of each workshop will reconvene, to assess the results and propose convergence strategies. The entire process will be reported in session 5 of the Convergence Symposium on November 30, 15-17pm UTC (full programme). The goal is that the FIP-Convergence Matrix approach demonstrates its potential as part of an international and interdisciplinary framework catalysing convergence in service of global grand challenges.