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M4M Workshops
The format of an M4M workshop is simple: domain experts (researchers) are teamed up with FAIR metadata experts to create reusable domain-specific, machine-actionable metadata schema that describe their scientific data. Until now, M4M workshops have been delivered by GO FAIR. In the COVID Program, GO FAIR trained COVID Program data stewards to become FAIR metadata experts and M4M workshop facilitators.

Six COVID-related M4M workshops will be held in November:

November 09, 2020 ~ M4M.12 – Socio-economic / Behavioral cluster
November 10, 2020 ~ M4M.11 – Organisational / process related

November 11, 2020 ~ M4M.10 – Virus / Immunology / Molecular

November 12, 2020 ~ M4M.8 – Diagnostic / Testing
November 23, 2020 ~ M4M.7 – Care (Treatment) / Prevention

November 24, 2020 ~ M4M.9 – Prognosis / Risk Assessments

All sessions will be held at 12:00-17:00 (possibly 18:00) CET.

Registered participants will be informed by email about their M4M workshop date.


Should you not have signed up yet, please fill out the form below:

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  • In case you are not involved in a ZonMw project, please mark as N/A
  • In case you are not involved in a ZonMw project, please mark as N/A
  • Choice of workshop date

    Please note the workshop date + cluster combination has been finalized. Below you can select your preferred workshop date/cluster. Please note that it is no problem whatsoever if you are not in your preferred cluster group. All sessions will be at 12:00-17:00 (possibly 18:00) CET.
  • Please choose your first and second preferred M4M workshop date/cluster below:
    Nov 9 ~ M4M.12 - Socio-economic / Behavioral
    Nov 10 ~ M4M.11 - Organisational / process related

    Nov 11 ~ M4M.10 - Virus / Immunology / Molecular

    Nov 12 ~ M4M.8 - Diagnostic / Testing

    Nov 23 ~ M4M.7 - Care (Treatment) / Prevention
 Nov 24 ~ M4M.9 - Prognosis / Risk Assessments
    We anticipate interest in the M4M workshops from others within your community but also from other communities. We welcome these non-active participants as Observers. In order to keep the workshops as practical and productive as possible for the participants, Observers are asked to follow some basic house rules.
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