Home Resources FAQ How does GO FAIR relate to other pan-European infrastructures such as EINFRA, ESFRIs, ERICs etc.?

Pan-European infrastructures such as EINFRA, ESFRI’s, ERIC’s etc. can participate in, or initiate a GO FAIR Implementation Network (IN) if desired. However, in many cases they cannot be a GO FAIR IN by themselves, as GO FAIR IN’s are by definition open to anyone who wants to sign up for the rules of engagement and has something to contribute. This prerequisite to being a GO FAIR IN does not necessarily fit with the organisational structure and statutes of certain standing organisations and closed-consortium projects.

However, for all these important players, starting or joining a GO FAIR IN can be a lightweight opportunity to (temporarily) engage in a much wider network without influencing the modus operandi of the organisation itself. So, GO FAIR, as a voluntary, open and inclusive approach, can never compete with any existing activities as its only goal is to help the effective cross-sectoral and cross-border collaboration between such activities with the joint aim of the realisation of the Internet of FAIR Data and Services (and thus contributing to EOSC realisation wherever possible).