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FAIR Convergence Symposium
In the preparation for the upcoming FAIR Convergence Symposium co-organised by CODATA and GO FAIR (27 November – 4 December), a series of practical pre-Symposium FAIRification workshops are scheduled with a small number of enthusiastic early-mover communities. The workshop’s outcomes will be reported-out as part of a dedicated strand of Symposium sessions formulated around the 3-Point FAIRification Framework (3PFF).

Basic House Rules for Observers
We anticipate significant interest in these pre-symposium workshops from others within your community but also from other communities. We welcome these non-active participants as Observers. In order to keep the workshops as practical and productive as possible for the participants, Observers are asked to follow some basic house rules:

  1. Observers are very welcome.
  2. Observers must register through the registration form (provided by email).
  3. Priority is given to the researchers for whom the workshop is intended. We will protect them from distraction and information overflow. Therefore, we kindly ask that Observers in our Zoom sessions adhere to the following rules:
    1. Have the microphone turned off at all times.
    2. Have videos turned off at all times.
    3. Do not write comments, or in any other way disturb the proceedings.
  4. Questions, comments and suggestions are most welcome, however, via separate organisational contact, via email office@go-fair.org.
  5. Zoom Observers are kindly requested to give their full name and affiliation in the Zoom room, who will otherwise be remove them from the call.
  6. Observers can enter and leave the Zoom room as they please.
  7. Observers are aware that organisers will record the Zoom sessions and give consent for its later, possible reuse.