** This GO FAIR Implementation Network is no longer active. Visit this webpage for an overview of current Implementation Networks. **

GO FAIR Implementation Network
This Implementation Network deals with the development of a Generic Research Data Infrastructure (GeRDI). It was founded by the “GeRDI” project consortium which is currently developing a pilot infrastructure linking existing and future research data repositories in Germany via a federated system.

Main purpose and objectives
According to the project’s mission and in line with the FAIR principles, GeRDI will provide generic, sustainable and open software connecting research data repositories to enable multidisciplinary and FAIR research data management. The “GeRDI” project itself runs from November 1, 2016 – October 31, 2019. During this period, we will be working continuously towards the following objectives:

  1. Central Index: GeRDI offers knowledge and technology to build up a central search index containing metadata from connected repositories.
  2. Architectural design – Micro services: GeRDI offers knowledge in architectural design and developing micro service architecture. Also, GeRDI offers our developments for reuse.
  3. Metadata schema across disciplines: GeRDI is willing to share our experiences in developing an interdisciplinary metadata scheme for research data.
  4. Community requirements: GeRDI can share experiences with the methodology of conducting user requirements studies and the results of the requirements studies conducted in GeRDI.
  5. Legal questions: GeRDI seeks to integrate existing experiences about legal aspects to building and maintaining a multi-stakeholder research data infrastructure.
  6. Ethical Questions: GeRDI seeks to apply community experience with the ethics of research data handling into the system where possible and appropriate.
  7. Operations Model: In the interest of sustainability, GeRDI is interested to learn of successful operations and financing models for multi-stakeholder and interdisciplinary research infrastructure.

Download the manifesto as a pdf-file here

Atif Latif, ZBW  – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics

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