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OPEDAS stands for Other People’s Data and Services; the partners in this network all have individual tools (some of them proprietary) to create, check, publish and provide access to FAIR metadata and data. However, the common ground of this IN is that all partners are committed to render FAIR metadata and (re)publish the actual digital objects (data bases, data sets, workflows and any other research objects) in FAIR compliant formats so that minimally the digital object has a Unique Persistent and Resolvable Identifier (UPRI) and machine readable (FAIR) metadata, with a clear statement of the referenced digital object.

This network is effectively a ‘(meta)data publishing Implementation network that assists other people to make their metadata and data FAIR. The network works closely with the training INs and domain specific IN’s to ensure the best of breed vocabularies, data models, best practices, licensing options etc. Some partners focus on the creation of FAIR (meta)data as a service while others (also) publish and provide search facilities and access to FAIR data. The methodology to Find, Access, Interoperate and Reuse these data for research and other purposes will be very much related to the technologies developed by the PHT IN. The standards and best practices will be shared and implemented in the Training INs.

Luiz Bonino