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GO TRAIN Pillar Statement

GO TRAIN supports and coordinates two activities:

  1. The development of training curricula focused on FAIR Data Stewardship (seen as a thin but very important slice of the much broader spectrum of Data Science).
  2. The development of certification schema for competencies in FAIR Data Stewardship (providing professional career trajectories, that in turn, are intended to drive rapid uptake of FAIR practices among diverse stakeholders).

The overall objective of GO TRAIN is to create a scalable framework that is used in higher education programs and throughout industry to train large numbers of certified data stewards (estimated to be 500k for Europe, millions more world wide). GO TRAIN catalyzes community-level decision making required to build the training curricula and certification schema elements of the IFDS.

A key challenge for GO TRAIN is that the education and training stakeholders are numerous, broadly operating and each influential in their domain. The risk is that FAIRification and FAIR data stewardship skills (as encompassing as these are) could nonetheless be diluted within the manifold, rapidly expanding fields of data science education. Hence, it is the primary responsibility of GO TRAIN to leverage the influence of the GO TRAIN IN members on one hand, while at the same time keeping INs focused on training curricula and certification relevant to the IFDS.

GO TRAIN coordinates between GO CHANGE (incentives, new professional trajectories), GO BUILD (emerging FAIR technology elements, especially FAIR metrics), and diverse IN members (individuals and organizational participants). GO TRAIN requires extensive communication with IN members to build confidence toward GO FAIR as a trusted authority guiding the international development of IFDS, to inventory what resources exists among the INs and what other resources should be proposed as funded projects, and to advise and recommend for optimal synergy among existing training resources. The GO TRAIN Pillar will create and maintain a roadmap for the realization of these objectives.