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GO BUILD Pillar Statement

The GO FAIR’s GO Build pillar focuses on the technological aspects of the Internet of FAIR Data and Services (IFDS). Central to GO BUILD is the adherence to the 15 FAIR Principles. With this focus, GO Build aims at supporting and coordinating communities to achieve:

  • Improve the adoption of globally unique and persistent identifiers (F1);
  • Agree on common metadata representation formats (F2, F4, I1);
  • Agree on a minimal set of generic metadata content (F2, F3, F4, I3, R1.1, R1.2)
  • Define domain-relevant community standards (F2, I2, R1.3);
  • Design and provide reference implementations for identified elements of the IFDS such as data search engines, model repositories, data stations, data lockers, FAIR-compliant services, etc. (F4);