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EOSC Launch: Members of Executive Board named, Vienna Declaration adopted

On 23 November 2018, the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) was launched in Vienna. The goal of the EOSC is to provide a virtual, open and trusted environment for storing, managing, analyzing and re-using research data to European researchers and professionals across borders and scientific disciplines.

Governance structure

At the launch event, the European Commission presented the EOSC portal itself as well as the governance structure of the EOSC. Three bodies will be responsible for the EOSC’s governance: a Governance Board, an Executive Board and a Stakeholder Forum. The names of the members of the Executive Board were revealed already:


  • Karel Luyben, Vice President for Research at CESAER & National coordinator of Open Science in the Netherlands

Vice Chair:

  • Cathrin Stover, Chief collaboration officer with GÉANT

Other members:

  • Ronald Dekker, Director of the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives, Norway
  • Rupert Lück, Head of IT at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Germany
  • John Womersley, Director-General of the European Spallation Source, Sweden
  • Natalia Manola, Director of OpenAIRE
  • Juan Bicarregui, Head of data division, Research Data Alliance
  • Stephan Kuster, Secretary General of Science Europe, Belgium

Vienna Declaration

Participants attending the launch event presented and approved the Vienna Declaration on the European Open Science Cloud. In this declaration, they reaffirm the EOSC’s transformative power in the European research landscape as well as their understanding that the EOSC is a process which requires continuous dialogue among different stakeholders such as scientists, researchers, funders, users and service providers. The supporters of the Vienna Declaration commit to help connecting national and disciplinary nodes to the European level and they call for a seamless access to research data supported by FAIR data principles.

For more information on the European Open Science Cloud and to learn how to get involved, follow this link: https://eosc-portal.eu/