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GO FAIR’s ultimate goal is to deploy the Internet of FAIR Data & Services (IFDS). This calls for societal and organisational changes. In addition, the required technology should be developed, improved, refined, or combined. Therefore, technology is one of the main GO FAIR pillars. We support and coordinate efforts to establish the IFDS, including the following activities:

  • coordinate the definition and maintenance of a global architecture and roadmap for the generic components of the IFDS; these generic components can be further adapted by communities and domains that require specific features,
  • coordinate the definition of objective and measurable metrics for assessing the FAIRness of digital objects,
  • coordinate the definition and/or selection of relevant foundational technologies, guidelines, and other technical approaches for FAIR data,
  • support Implementation Networks (INs) in adopting and reusing the metrics, technologies, methods, and other technical approaches selected by GO FAIR,
  • support INs in designing and developing their contributions to the IFDS according to the technical guidelines of GO FAIR,
  • support communities that want to organise themselves in INs, with the goal of contributing to the IFDS,
  • coordinate the definition and maintenance of a generically applicable FAIRification process to serve as a guideline for making data FAIR.

The current technological guidelines/recommendations from GO FAIR are: