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Dear GO FAIR community,

With the vacation period approaching for many of you, we thought it timely to share updates in relation to the previously announced week on FAIR organised 24 – 28 October 2022 in Leiden.
The week features two closely related events: the 2nd FAIR Convergence Symposium (24-26 October) and the 1st International Conference on FAIR Digital Objects (26-28 October). The two associated events will explore the contention that the FAIR principles, and their application through FAIR Digital Objects, are important steps to maximise the machine-actionability of data and other information.

The co-organisers of the 2nd FAIR Convergence Symposium, CODATA and GO FAIR, have been discussing the ideal format for the Symposium, in particular considering lessons learned from the International Data Week 2022 held just last week and that travel (especially overseas) still appears to be problematic for many colleagues. Therefore, the two organisations agreed to concentrate their efforts and fill the first part of that week with smaller strategic and working meetings to drive convergence on FAIR, rather than a large Symposium. Most of the meetings will be organised as hybrid events, allowing for both in-person and online participation.
The meetings planned by GO FAIR include selected wheel meetings introducing and discussing FAIR enabling resources of the GO FAIR INs and also a meeting of the GO FAIR Directors of the National Support Offices. From the CODATA side, the activities of the case studies under the WorldFAIR project, and in particular the outcomes of their FAIR Implementation Profiles workshops, will be featured. It is also the intention of CODATA to bring together the members of the Open Science Cloud Executives Roundtable (OSCER) for an in-person meeting.

Further information and invitations for the events organised by GO FAIR are forthcoming. We also encourage the INs to engage with the FDOF IN developments and join the 1st FDO Conference.

All the best,
Christine Kirkpatrick, Director GO FAIR US & Barend Mons, Scientific Director GO FAIR Foundation
On behalf of the GO FAIR Offices

Did you know… GO Read

In this section you will learn about Implementation Networks that have recently acquired “active” status, recent IN activities and opportunities. This way, we ensure that you always stay on top of things happening in the GO FAIR family.

Reports from internal events

  • Read the summary of the GO Unite! spring workshop! On 28 April 2022, GO Unite!, the German chapter of the Data Stewardship Competence Centers IN (DSCC), gathered representatives from the German RDM community to work on existing and new topics in several breakout sessions. The contents of GO Unite! are provided by the community and are defined and processed beyond formal project structures. Within this low-threshold cooperation culture, pragmatic solutions for current RDM issues are developed.
  • The BiodiFAIRse IN attended the launch of the project GAIA Data on 12 April 2022 at the Amphitheater Verniquet at the National Museum of Natural History. The French Biodiversity Data Hub (Pôle National de Données de Biodiversité aka PNDB) together with two other research infrastructures, Data Terra and Climeri are involved in GAIA Data. The project aims at developing a global FAIR system for accessing data, products and services to observe, understand and predict in an integrated manner the history, functioning and evolution of the Earth system subject to global changes. More (information will be available in English soon)

Photos: CC-By Olivier Norvez



Interesting reads by our INs

National offices news

  • GO FAIR Austria reports:
  • GO FAIR Brazil shares:
    • GO FAIR Agro Brazil Network, the thematic network dedicated to promoting the governance and management of Brazilian agricultural data, was officially launched on 12 April 2022.
  • GO FAIR Denmark informs:
  • GO FAIR US reports:
    • The GO FAIR US June newsletter is now available.
    • In July 2021, Oak Ridge National Laboratory hosted the second annual Computational and Autonomous Workflows workshop, which assembled 62 ORNL scientists and engineers to discuss how FAIR applies to computational and autonomous workflows. Have a look at the recently released report that explores FAIR and Workflows!
    • GO FAIR welcomes the new ambassadors from GO FAIR US who will liaise with Geoscience and Materials Science INs, bringing their domain and research data management expertise to the benefit of the community. Nancy Hoebelheinrick is a principal at the consultancy KnowledgeMotifs, LLC, and was previously at Stanford. Nancy has been active most recently in a number of information and educational technology efforts including those of the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP), the Research Data Alliance’s Education and Training on handling of research data Interest Group (ETHRD IG), and EarthCube. Dr. Eva Campos currently leads CampoStella R+C, is the founder of Laboratory for Matter Dynamics, and is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland, having previously worked at the National Science Foundation. Eva actively monitors political, economic, social, scientific and other significant developments in the U.S. and internationally to develop recommendations on science policy and to bring the right people together at the right time to create change.

GO Meet

This section gives you an overview of conferences and workshops where you can meet up (virtually) with fellow GO FAIR members if you happen to attend the same event or are in the same town. In order for this category to work we do need your help! Please drop us a line at go-fair@zbw.eu and tell us where you can be met in the future.

External events

Meet INs


INternal events


People of GO FAIR

In this section we would like to introduce you to members of our GO FAIR family. In each newsletter we will provide you with a short profile of GO FAIR members.

IN representatives

Meet the coordinators of the Marine Data Centres IN: Michèle Fichaut and Dick Schaap

Michèle Fichaut is a data manager specialised in Oceanographic data management at IFREMER/SISMER, the French NODC. Responsible for the national physical and chemical oceanographic database at SISMER from 1993 to 2011, she developed the data flow from the scientific laboratories to the NODC and the data distribution to a wide public. She is specialised in ORACLE RDBMS and is experienced in data management for European projects (SeaDataNet, EMODnet chemistry, EMODnet Ingestion, EMOD-PACE, Sea-Search, MEDAR/MEDATLAS, MTPII/MATER, etc). She has been the coordinator of the FP7 SeaDataNet II and H2020 SeaDataCloud projects (from 2011 to 2021) for the development of the SeaDataNet Research infrastructure and its link to the EOSC, in which access to FAIR data (even before the FAIRness movement existed) have always been a focus. Michèle was deeply involved in the specification of the tools (MIKADO, NEMO, Formats converters, vocabulary services) and the standards ISO-19115 definition of the SeaDataNet catalogues as well as the standard data transport formats defined in the frame of SeaDataNet. She is the French representative at IOC/IODE.

Dick Schaap started as Coastal Engineer at Rijkswaterstaat North Sea Directorate, followed by Managing Director MARIS, a spin-off company improving access to marine data. He has extensive experience in initiating and leading EU projects on marine data management infrastructures. As technical coordinator of SeaDataNet, the Pan-European network of NODCs, he has major involvement in the conception and roll-out of EMODnet as a leading European infrastructure for marine data products. Currently, he is technical coordinator of the H2020 Blue-Cloud project, next to involvement in several other EU projects.

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