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Pre-Symposium FAIRification Workshops – Orientation Meeting

In the preparation for the upcoming FAIR Convergence Symposium co-organised by CODATA and GO FAIR (30 November – 4 December), we are planning a series of practical pre-Symposium FAIRification workshops with a small number of enthusiastic early-mover communities. The workshop’s outcomes will be reported-out as part of dedicated strand of Symposium sessions formulated around the 3-Point FAIRification Framework (3PFF).

Orientation Meeting September 21
The plan is to have an initial Orientation Meeting September 21 (recorded Zoom session) where we will provide the background on the 3PFF and its recent successes in VODAN Africa and the Dutch National COVID Program. We will also provide practical links and “how tos” and collectively sharpen the plans for the subsequent workshops (i.e., dividing 5 reserved dates among each of the communities).

We will reserve a 4-hour time slot for the initial Orientation Meeting although we anticipate the practical planning elements will require less time.

Meeting date: Monday September 21, 2020
Meeting time: 12.00 noon to 4.00 pm UTC  
Location: online/Zoom, details will be shared by email

Please register for the Pre-Symposium Orientation Meeting here: