Home Implementation Networks Starting an Implementation Network How to become an Implementation Network

There are four phases in becoming an Implementation Network:

  • Preparatory Implementation Network
    1. A group of people with a common interest form a consortium with the goal to contribute to the IFDS
    2. All participants of the consortium read and agree with the GO FAIR Rules of Engagement.
    3. The group selects a consortium coordinator.
    4. The consortium coordinator fills out the GO FAIR Implementation Network Application form and contacts the GFISCO.
    5. The application will be received by GFISCO and a representative from the GO FAIR pillar that is more closely related to the activities of the proposed Implementation Network will contact the proponents within a week to schedule a preparatory call. In this call the PICI will be discussed to guarantee the required minimal potential impact.
    6. Once the application has been approved, a meeting to kick-off the activities of the preparatory Implementation Network will be scheduled.
    7. In the kickoff meeting the group finalizes a Manifesto (see template) outlining their objectives, strategy, and partners composing the IN. See for example: www.personalhealthtrain.nl/manifest
    8. The manifesto (including a statement about adhering to the Rules of Engagement) will be signed by the consortium coordinator.
    9. This manifesto should be sent to the GFISCO within one month after kick-off.
    10. The GFISCO will reply within two weeks to the coordinator.
  • Candidate Implementation Network
    1. In this phase the consortium has written the manifesto, signed the RoE and submitted the manifesto for GFISCO  approval
    2. Once approved, the IN is granted the Candidate IN status.
    3. To become a fully active IN a work plan needs to be submitted within 3 months after approval of the  manifesto.
    4. In the work plan the candidate IN describes the precise goals, strategy to achieve the goals, proposed working period, funding/ resources, etc.
  • Active Implementation Network
    1. Once the work plan as been approved by GFISCO, the IN begins the active implementation period.
  • Post Implementation Network
    1. Once the goals of the work plan have been met, there is a final reporting and meeting.
    2. The IN dissolves.