Active GO FAIR Implementation Network
The GO FAIR Implementation Network Africa (IN-Africa) is an open network and any suggestions for expansion are welcome.
The IN acknowledges the potential of global development in building an internet of data and services (IFDS) and considers:

  • the possibility for African universities and service providers to be connected to IFDS;
  • the benefit of the FAIR-principles to help solve the problem of the current extraction of data from the continent without returning benefits;
  • the possibility of a governance of data that will benefit the African continent;
  • the emerging possibility through FAIR to root digital data within a philosophy that data are owned by the data-subject;
  • the exploration of the contribution that Africa philosophy can make to the global IFDS due to its epistemology of united and collective existence expressed within local realities;
  • the engagement with the FAIR-initiative to strengthen an African connection, perspective and orientation in a globally connected world.

Central to the Implementation Network is the African expression of the IFDS. The network considers the opportunities of data science for economic potential, especially for Africa’s youth and the need for education and training in this area. It was further considered that the options of application in the context of digital health and other areas of digital development are vast and that the IFDS may provide a good foundation for its sustainable development.
A team of African experts is available to carry this endeavor and that adequate political support could be garnished to help bring this initiative to life.
The network seeks to bring together African expertise, from within the African continent in all its diversity, and in the diaspora, in collaboration with colleagues from other parts of the world, with the explicit objective to strengthen the lead African scholars, decision-makers and practitioners in the global network of implementation for an internet of FAIR data and services on the African continent.

Main purpose and objectives
The IN-Africa will aim to learn from other GO FAIR Implementation Networks and align with the FAIR principles, but will equally seek to enrich the global Network with its exploration, findings and conclusions.

Overarching Principle of Operation
The Africa GO FAIR Implementation Network commits to comply with the Rules of Engagement of GO FAIR Implementation Networks

Targeted Objectives of the IN-Africa
Establishing an open, overarching network for implementation of the FAIR-principles of a machine and human readable IFDS, based within the principles of African philosophy and inclusiveness, serving African science, supported by African governance of data, data ownership, protection and security, and linking African science to the global FAIR community based on practices and  experience.
The topics will be handled by ten working groups, set out in the Activity Plan (linked below). The work in the IN-Africa may lead to new implementation networks within this range of sub-areas or outside this range into new areas.
Progress in work group 3. Local FAIR Services for Digital Health, related announcements:

Main tasks
Task 1: Complete the execution plan & roadmap as part of the process becoming a GO FAIR Implementation Network which includes the establishment of the working groups, their leadership and membership and agreement on a time-line;
Task 2: Further exploration and expansion of the working groups, linking with the Global FAIR Implementation Networks where relevant and establishing of practical deliverables and timelines;
Task 3: Implementation and mutual consultation, adaptation of time-lines and deliverables if required and sharing of products.

Manifesto and activity plan
Link to manifesto in PDF
Link to Activity plan in pdf

Mirjam van Reisen (Mirjam is also coordinator of the Ambassadors IN)

Are you interested in joining IN-Africa? Please express your interest by filling in the form below. Your request will be forwarded to the IN Coordinator who will get in touch as soon as possible.


Title Name Organisation/University Country Location Area of Expertise
Dr Mouhamed Mpeza Kampala International University Uganda Kampala VC
Prof Dr Stephen G Agong’ Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology Kenya Bondo VV and Professor of Horticulture
Dr Prisca Tibenderana Kampala International University Uganda Kampala Librarian
Dr Mike Barongo Makerere University Uganda Kampala Registrar/Data Science/Computer Science
Dr Primrose Nakazibwe Mbarara University/Ndejje University Uganda Mbarara/Ka mpala Value Chain, development and gender studies
Tegawendé Bissyandé Université de Luxembourg Burkina Fasso/Luxembourg Luxembourg Data security and protection/computer science
Dr Muok Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology Bondo Agriculture
Mme Zamina Malole Uganda/Tilburg University Uganda Kampala Equal Opportunities governance
Mariam Basajja Kampala International University/Leiden University Uganda Kampala Computer Science
Moses Emuze Consultant Digital Insight Netherlands/ Nigeria The Hague Data Governance
Prof Dr Prof Muliaro Wafula Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Kenya Juja ICT Centre of Excellence & Open Data -iCEOD
Dr Reginald Nalugala Tangaza University Kenya Nairobi Social Science and Arts
Mme Julia Duncan-Cassell Liberia Liberia Monrovia Gender, social protection and governance
Rita Mazocchi Tangaza University – PhD School Kenya Nairobi Social Science and Arts
Dr Antony Ong’Ayo Institute of Social Studies Netherlands/ Kenya The Hague Diaspora Studies and Migration
Annastacia Mangoma Leiden University Netherlands/ Kenya Eldoret ICT and Business
Dr Kinfe Mekelle University Ethiopia Mekelle Population Studies
Kirsty Kaiser COHRED South Africa/Netherlands Health
Prof Dr
Carel IJselmuiden COHRED Netherlands Health
Harry van Schooten COHRED Netherlands Health
Prof Dr Jan Nouwen Rotterdam University Netherlands Rotterdam Global Health Programme
Caroline Williams Do Good Only Company Netherlands Amsterdam Inclusive Data Science
Dr Bertha Vallejo Maastricht University Netherlands Maastricht Economy
Prof Dr Jaap van den Herik Leiden University Netherlands Leiden Director Leiden Centre of Data Science
Dr Mark Wilkinson Go-FAIR Team Spain/Canada Computer Science
Klara Smits Europe External Programme with Africa Belgium Brussels Research collaboration and communication
Dr Mia Stokmans Tilburg University Netherlands Tilburg Humanities
Hagurjit Singh Leiden University Netherlands Leiden Computer Science
Prof Dr Mirjam van Reisen Leiden University/Tilburg University Netherlands Leiden/Tilburg Leiden Centre of Data Science, Go-FAIR. Globalisation, Accessibility, innovation and Care Research Network