** This GO FAIR Implementation Network is no longer active. Visit this webpage for an overview of current Implementation Networks. **

GO FAIR Implementation Network
The Ambassadors Implementation Network (AIN) aims to strengthen the involvement of researchers on FAIR in new countries and new sectors, including PhD students, masters students, bachelor students, diploma students and data stewards, as well as inclusion of seasoned researchers interested in exploring the relevance of FAIR in their specific context and in new fields. The IN will aid the uptake of FAIR.

As a network of self-trained GO FAIR Ambassadors, we will coordinate with each other and with the GO FAIR International Support and Coordination Office when presenting the FAIR Data movement and specifically the GO FAIR approach in our countries. Participating in this IN will help us, as ambassadors, to learn more about FAIR Data through dedicated training, participation in the GO TRAIN Pillar, the GO FAIR community, as well as exchanging experiences and thus educate each other. This network aims for membership composed of people from different countries, many outside Europe. As such, we can promote the understanding of FAIR globally by addressing governments, authorities of our own country, as well as other stakeholders, while leveraging the role of international organisations active in the research data ecosystem, such as GO FAIR, CODATA, RDA and WDS.

Main purpose and objectives
The AIN will draw from training options, including the GO TRAIN pillar and contribute to GO BUILD and GO CHANGE. The overall goals of this IN are:
Improving the openness, FAIRness and effectiveness of the exchange of scientific data globally, across countries and disciplines; Ensure better FAIR-based research practices and contribute to the development of international science; Demonstrate global interest in FAIR-based research practices, data and services.

The primary objectives
– Completion of a clearly defined plan as part of becoming a GO FAIR Implementation Network within 3 months;
– Improvement of the visibility and discoverability of research data across 20 countries and various disciplines through promoting FAIR Data;
– Increase of the reuse of FAIR data and therefore efficiency and effectiveness of research;
– Engagement of more representatives from different countries and communities/alliances.

Processes of the FAIR Ambassadors IN
– Prepare and maintain a living “Presentation suite” for introducing FAIR Data Principles which is aligned with the current status of the country/interests in using research data;
– Investigation of FAIR implementation in different contexts and understanding of contextual variables for implementation;
– Exchange of FAIR research practices and FAIR research outcomes among researchers;
– Investigation of the needs of coordinated governance structures for FAIR-implementation;
– Studying the application of FAIR-based services in research practices;
– Facilitation of comparative research on implementation in different contexts.

Link to manifesto in PDF

Aliya Aktau
Mariam Basajja
Ruduan Plug
Mirjam van Reisen (also coordinator of IN-Africa)

Are you interested in joining Ambassadors-IN? Please express your interest by filling in the form below. Your request will be forwarded to the IN Coordinator who will get in touch as soon as possible.

Mirjam Van Reisen – The Netherlands
Aliya Aktau – Kazakhstan
Annastacia Mongoma – Kenya
Mariam Basajja – Uganda
Mingyue Huo – China
Annisa Hedlina Hendraputri – Indonesia
Clemens Gonesh – The Netherlands
Mouhamed Mpeza – Uganda – VC, Kampala International University
Patrick Kyamanywa – Uganda – DVC Kampala International University
Andrew Chindanya – Zimbabwe – DVC – Great Zimbabwe University
Munyaradzi Mawere – Zimbabwe – Great Zimbabwe University
Kudakwashe Chindoza – Great Zimbabwe University
Abraha Kinfe Gebreghzir – Mekelle University
Mia Stokmans – The Netherlands
Katy Wolstencroft – The Netherlands
Caio Malaquias – Brazil
Herman Basajjabalaba – China
Mustafa Kedilioglu – The Netherlands
Ruduan Plug – The Netherlands
Yan Liang – China