The C2Camp Implementation Network is no longer active. The FAIR Digital Objects (FDO) Forum IN evolved from this IN and will pursue some of the C2Camp’s objectives.

Active GO FAIR Implementation Network
C2CAMP is a group of international experts from relevant research institutions and infrastructure initiatives committed to build interoperable components that are based on specifications from RDA working groups and other comparable initiatives such as OAI, W3C, ISO, and IETF and to integrate them into flexible testbeds. As is the case with RDA, so is C2CAMP committed to the FAIR principles.

Main purpose and objectives
The group will collaborate closely on what is called the Digital Object model which can be seen as one way to implement significant aspects of the FAIR framework. Scientific practices increasingly depend on high quality and interlinked digital information and respective online services. To enable data infrastructures to provide the expected level of service, it is imperative that we underpin their critical path of operations. A globally agreed-upon framework for structuring, curating and communicating Digital Objects is urgently needed.

  1. Develop components based on RDA specifications (and others) to make data intensive science more efficient and disseminate the knowledge about such components.
  2. Push projects that implement such components in an integrated way to gather much more experience.
  3. Aim at a global testbed project to test out the various components.
  4. Indicate missing components and other specifications and look for ways to overcome the gaps by engaging RDA (and others).
  5. Take care that the components are compliant with existing specifications and push projects to test compliance.
  6. Take care that FAIR compliance is given.

Download the manifesto here

Peter Wittenburg

Are you interested in joining C2CAMP IN? Please express your interest by filling in the form below. Your request will be forwarded to the IN Coordinator and she/he will get in touch as soon as possible.

Larry Lannom CNRI (US)
Peter Fox, Mark Parsons DCO, RPI (US)
Robert Quick Indiana U (US)
Eric Nienhouse NCAR (US)
Jonathan Clark, Paul Jessop DOI (Int)
Peter Wittenburg, Raphael Ritz MPCDF (DE)
Dieter van Uytvanck, Koenraad de Smedt CLARIN ERIC (NL)
Dimitris Koureas DiSSCo, Naturalis (NL)
Tobias Weigel DKRZ, ENES (DE)
Per Öster CSC (FI)
Ari Asmi, Werner Kutsch ICOS, U Helsinki (FI)
Colin Mc Murtrie, Thomas Schulthess CSCS (HS)
Daniel Mallmann, Thomas Lippert FZJ (DE)
Tian Ye CNIC (CN)
Anwar Vahed DIRISA (SA)
Rainer Stotzka KIT (DE)