Home Implementation Networks How to become an Implementation Network

There are three phases in becoming an Implementation Network:

  • Preparatory Implementation Network
    1. A group of people with a common interest form a consortium with the goal to contribute to the IFDS
    2. All participants of the consortium read and agree with the GO FAIR Rules of Engagement.
    3. The group selects a consortium coordinator.
    4. The consortium coordinator fills out the GO FAIR Implementation Network Application form and contacts the GFISCO.
    5. The application will be received by GFISCO and a representative from the GO FAIR pillar that is more closely related to the activities of the proposed Implementation Network will contact the proponents within a week to schedule a preparatory call. In this call the Potential International Community Impact (PICI) will be discussed to guarantee the required minimal potential impact.
    6. Once the application has been approved, a meeting to kick-off the activities of the preparatory Implementation Network will be scheduled.
    7. In the kickoff meeting the group finalizes a Manifesto (see template) outlining their objectives, strategy, partners composing the IN, and a timelime. See for example the manifesto of the Personal Health Train here.
    8. The manifesto (including a statement about adhering to the Rules of Engagement) will be signed by the consortium coordinator.
    9. This manifesto should be sent to the GFISCO within one month after kick-off.
    10. The GFISCO will reply within two weeks to the coordinator.
  • Active Implementation Network
    1. Once the manifesto as been approved by GFISCO, the IN begins the active implementation period.
  • Post Implementation Network
    1. Once the goals of the manifesto have been met, there is a final reporting and meeting.
    2. The IN dissolves.