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The Danish office was founded September 2021 and is dedicated to learn from and share with our international partners, and thereby help our national universities to better engage in these critical areas, relevant to all science but especially to data intensive research. The Danish National strategy for data management based on the FAIR principles, published September 2021, rests on three strategic pillars – change in the scientific practise; Acquiring sufficient data stewardship competence and training; building the needed research infrastructure and tools.

In strengthening national cooperation on these aspects, DeIC has joined the GO FAIR Initiative, with an initial focus on reinforcing national cooperation in an international context.

Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation (DeiC)
Technical University of Denmark
Asmussens Allé
Bygning 305
2800 Lyngby

Office Team

  • Anders Conrad, DeiC, Head of Data Management
  • Anna Mette Morthorst, DeIC, Open Science, FAIR software and reproducibility
  • Anne Sofie Fink, DeIC, FAIR dissemination, sharing of data, metadata, digital objects – nationally and internationally
  • Hannah Mihai, DeIC, Metadata for Machines, Data Stewardship Competence Centers (DSCC)
  • Rene Belsø, DeIC, EOSC, Data Management – nationally and internationally

Contact information


Main focus & activities
The DeIC Data Management team works with facilitating and supporting national cooperation related to the significantly increased national computing capacity and the ever-growing corpus of digital data – national and international.

This Danish strategic focus fits perfectly with the three pillars of GO CHANGE, GO TRAIN and GO BUILD. DeIC’s current focus is currently on providing national workshops on Metadata for Machines and formulating the basis for a Danish engagement in Data Stewardship Competence Centers (DSCC).