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The context of GO TRAIN

There is a global demand for highly skilled data stewards. In Europe alone, the need is estimated to be five hundred thousand professionals. A major challenge is to effectively coordinate the numerous stakeholders in FAIR-related training, in order to prevent the needless re-invention of the wheel or the adoption of incompatible standards that might otherwise slow convergence toward working implementations of FAIR data and services.

Overall goal of the GO TRAIN Pillar

GO TRAIN aims to create a scalable, stakeholder-driven framework to rapidly train large numbers of competent, certified data stewards. GO TRAIN catalyzes the community-level decision making required to build canonical training curricula and certification schema ensuring high-quality FAIR Data Stewardship.

Support and coordination in GO TRAIN

GO FAIR’s International Office supports and coordinates two broad activities within to GO TRAIN:

  1. The development of canonical training curricula focused on FAIR Data Stewardship (seen as a thin but very important slice of the much broader spectrum of Data Science skills).
  2. The development of certification schema’s for competencies in FAIR Data Stewardship and other FAIR related services (providing professional career trajectories, that in turn, are intended to drive rapid uptake of FAIR practices among diverse stakeholders).