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The context of GO BUILD

One of GO FAIR’s main objective is the emergence of the Internet of FAIR Data and Services. This challenge requires, among others, the support and coordination of communities to design, develop and deploy the required technology elements of this infrastructure. In GO FAIR, this technology support and coordination role is the responsibility of GO BUILD.

Goals of the GO BUILD Pillar

The FAIR Principles were defined to primarily target machine-actionability. Based on these principles, the Internet of FAIR Data and Services is envisioned as a global infrastructure to allow the seamless integration of data, tools and computing capacity. In order to realise this vision, a number of technological elements need to be designed, developed, adjusted, extended and deployed. These tasks constitute GO BUILD’s goals.

Support and coordination in GO BUILD

GO FAIR’s International Office provides a range of support and coordination activities for GO BUILD Implementation Networks and other communities on their way to achieving FAIR implementations. These coordination activities may include: communication regarding similar or related efforts in other communities; decision support in choosing standards and making other technology choices.