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GO Inter Workshop: Publications on FAIRsemantics for non-experts

  • 01 July 2020
  • 02 July 2020
  • Location: Cologne, Germany
  • Organizer: GESIS

A great obstacle of implementing data interoperability can be seen in the lack of information literacy of non-specialists as regards semantic technologies. The hackathon will be held as a co-writing workshop on introductory publications on FAIRsemantics that aim to help data providers in making their data more interoperable. The hackathon will focus on introductions and guidelines on semantic technologies (such as intro pieces and overviews on ontology engineering and semantic lookup services) for data stewards/data librarians/non-specialists as well as contributions to recommendations from FAIRsFAIR/EOSC as regards FAIRsemantics.

Contact person: Peter Mutschke, GO Inter IN Coordinator

Please note that this workshop is planned as a lunch-to-lunch meeting, and will take place online if the hackathon cannot be held physically due to Corona.


Read the report of the previous GO Inter workshop on implementing FDO to cross-domain use cases and look-up services.