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M4M #2: Preclinical Trials + M4M #3: Funders

  • 14 January 2019
  • Location: Leiden, The Netherlands
  • Organizer: GO FAIR & RDA

Making it easy for humans to make metadata for machines

Following the Inaugural M4M Workshop (October 15-16 2018, Leiden), members from GO FAIR and RDA are supporting back-2-back M4M Workshops to create machine-actionable metadata for the Preclinical Trials Research Community (#2) and for Scientific Funders (#3). Participants include: members from the Preclinical Trails and Funders communities and metadata experts from the Centre for Extended Data and Annotation and Retrieval. 

At 12.00 there will be a social lunch hosted by GFISCO

Participants will receive regular information updates via the meeting organizers in the run-up to the meeting.