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International Data Week 2022

  • 20 June 2022
  • 23 June 2022
  • Location: Seoul & virtual
  • Organizer: CODATA, RDA, WDS & local hosts

International Data Week 2022, to be held virtually and in Seoul, Republic of Korea is comprised of SciDataCon and RDA’s 19th Plenary. The conference will take place on 20-23 June 2022 and there will be colocated, hybrid and virtual events both before and after these dates.


We would like to highlight the following sessions at SciDataCon:

20 June 2022, 2:30-4pm UTC: WorldFAIR – Global cooperation on FAIR data policy and practice incl. lightning talks from 11 case studies

21 June 2022, 00:30-02:00 UTC: AI & Reproducibility, Repeatability, and Replicability (Say hello to Christine Kirkpatrick from GO FAIR US.)

21 June 2022, 00:30-02:00 UTC: Introduction: the GOSC Data IO WG


Don’t miss these sessions with GO FAIR involvement at RDA’s 19th Plenary:

21 June 2022, 02:30-04:00 UTC: How should VREs enable FAIR – and what are the challenges? (Say hello to Sandra Gesing from GO FAIR US.)

22 June 2022, 00:00-01:00 UTC: CODATA-RDA Schools for Research Data Science group updates and new challenges

22 June 2022, 05:00-06:30 UTC: A Fabric for FAIR Digital Objects

23 June 2022, 00:30-02:00 UTC: BoF – Is FAIR FAIR? A discussion of the overlaps in the FAIR principles of data management and AI-Readiness



About SciDataCon
SciDataCon is a conference for peer-reviewed research and practice presentations, which covers all aspects of the role of data in research, society and policy. Core themes include data science and data stewardship, Open Science, and FAIR data and services.

About RDA Plenary
The RDA Plenary Meeting is the biannual meeting of RDA working to develop and support global infrastructure facilitating data sharing and reuse.