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1st International FDO Conference

  • 26 October 2022
  • 28 October 2022
  • Location: Leiden, The Netherlands
  • Organizer: FAIR Digital Objects Forum IN

The FDO Forum is organising its 1st International Conference of FAIR Digital Objects (FDO2022). This event will bring together technical, scientific, industry, and science-policy stakeholders with the aim to boost the development and implementation of FDOs worldwide and transform the Internet into more than just a data space: into a meaningful data space.

This conference will include a variety of different formats (keynotes, invited presentations, community sessions, lightning talks, panels, hackathons, etc.), and will be organised over 3 days as part of Leiden, European City of Science 2022 activities.

The call for abstracts is open. Submit your abstract by 10 July 2022.

The 1st International Conference on FAIR Digital Objects sets four main goals:

  • Present and discuss the anatomy of a FDO
  • Showcase FDO-Based studies & implementations
  • Act as a forum for developing FDO-Based Approaches
  • Propose solutions to facilitate global adoption of FDOS

FDO2022 will conclude with the formal signing and publication of the ‘Leiden Declaration on FAIR Digital Objects’.

More information & registration

fdo2022_one_pager deadline CfA 10 July