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The Netherlands is, together with France and Germany, the founder of GO FAIR.

The GO FAIR international Support & Coordination Office (GFISCO) is established to guide both starting and existing Implementation Networks. The GFISCO is being run by three countries, each with their own office.

Address Dutch Office

North Entrance, 1st floor
Rijnsburgerweg 10
2333 AA Leiden
The Netherlands



The Team


Prof. Dr. Barend Mons Strategic director GFISCO barend.mons@go-fair.org Hana Pergl
Operations Officer
Luiz Bonino
International Technology Coordinator GFISCO luiz.bonino@go-fair.org
Erik Schultes
International Science Coordinator GFISCO erik.schultes@go-fair.org
Tessa van Daalen
Event support assistant tessa.van.daalen@go-fair.org
Jacintha van Beemen
Assistant to Barend Mons

Contact: Office@go-fair.org