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Polish Data Steward School 2021 – 2nd Edition

Article written by Maria Pawlowska, member of the DSCC IN

Last year, with considerable help from the GO FAIR International Support and Coordination office, we were thrilled to be able to organize the first edition of the Polish Data Steward School. The 12 data stewards we trained then are already changing the culture at their institutions – working with open science issues and setting up data management standards.

This year, Visnea teamed up with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling at the University of Warsaw to deliver the second edition of the course. On 13 September 2021 we welcomed another 12 budding data stewards from all over the country for the first, intense 6-day Foundation Level part of the training.
During the week the participants were introduced to all the basic aspects of managing data and how to ensure that data is FAIR, as well as some of the technical aspects of working with data. Notably, Data Stewardship Competence Centers (DSCC) IN member Dr Anna Wałek led the sessions for two days and gave an in-depth dive into, among others, the wonders of metadata, data FAIRification and repository selection.

We also had the pleasure of hosting guest talks from three other members of the DSCC IN – Dr Melissa Cragin who spoke about FAIR initiatives and projects in the U.S., Dr Sarah Stryeck who talked about Data Stewardship at TU Graz, and Hannah Mihai who introduced the Metadata for Machines Workshops in Denmark. We really appreciated the ability to give the new class an insight into the exciting projects happening around the world and what the possibilities are for projects they might want to consider becoming involved in or initiating at their institutions of origin.

The training will continue in October and November with two specialist modules in information management and data management in scientific projects.

If you would like additional information about the polish Data Steward School please feel free to email Maria Pawlowska.