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GO UNI becomes GO UNITE!

GO UNITE! – formerly known as GO UNI – is the German Chapter of the GO FAIR Implementation Network Data Stewardship Competence Centers (DSCC).

In the past there have been several misunderstandings regarding the mission and the target group of the German DSCC chapter, caused by its name “GO UNI”. For some colleagues, GO UNI implied that only people from university institutions could become members of this implementation network. In order to put an end to this misunderstanding, it was therefore decided to choose a new name for GO UNI. It was important that the new name reflected both the integrative character and the target group of the German DSCC network. The result has now been determined and we are happy to announce the new name: GO UNITE! All persons from university and non-university institutions are invited to participate. Simply everyone who would like to be actively involved in the RDM community or needs support in dealing with specific topics from the community. After all, we’re all in the same boat.

This year three main topics are in GO UNITE!’s main focus:

  1. Connecting the network: Identification of relevant RDM topics that require stronger networking within the community and between RDM initiatives. The aim is to avoid the reinvention of the wheel and parallel work on identical topics. Is there a topic, that you would like to work on? Get in touch with us!
  2. Research data management description model (DIAMOND / requirement categories): Development of a comprehensive RDM description model of demands and workflows. Are you interested? Join our workshop on this topic on 7/7/2021, 9am – 3pm!
  3. Internationalisation: Getting in touch with the international RDM community. You want to know what’s going on in the other national DSCC chapters? Join our workshop in autumn (date and information will be announced soon).

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If you want to join GO UNITE! or get in touch with us, please contact Monika Linne or Patrick Helling.

This text was written by Monika Linne and Patrick Helling.