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CO-OPERAS IN advances conversation about FAIR in Social Sciences and Humanities

Members of the CO-OPERAS IN recently participated in two conferences advancing the conversation about a FAIR continuum for the social sciences and humanities (SSH) data and publications:

The OPERAS conference (2-4 November 2020) about “Opening up Social Sciences and Humanities in Europe: From Promises to Reality” enabled discussions about the shift of SSH towards openness regarding the role of research infrastructures, services and policies, researchers’ needs, and challenges to be overcome.
As part of this conference, CO-OPERAS co-organized a workshop with the EOSC Secretariat, the DARIAH ERIC, the SSHOC project, and the National Library of Belgium (KBR). The workshop’s theme was “Anticipating the future of research in the social sciences and humanities”. The organizers’ presentations gave the opportunity to connect the actions currently led by the SSH projects and ERICs and the changes to be expected in research practices within the next 10 years, with a particular focus on FAIRification. The participants discussed the evolutions, either required or desired in terms of skills and impact in the SSH field.

During the International GOFAIR Convergence Symposium (27 November-4 December 2020), CO-OPERAS furthered this debate. As the goal of CO-OPERAS is to develop a friendly ecosystem aligned with FAIR principles, the conference aimed at receiving suggestions for its construction. The discussion highlighted the relation between FAIR and education, infrastructure, data curation, and policies.

This text was written by Karla Avanço and Arnaud Gingold, members of the CO-OPERAS IN.

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