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Personal Health Train Winner of the Computable Award 2020

The Personal Health Train was awarded the Dutch Computable Award 2020 in the category “Care project”.

The PHT consortium, being also a GO FAIR Implementation Network, collaborates with other partners to develop an infrastructure where personal data will be securely shared and documented. It is a distributed infrastructure that enables the use and reuse of health data for the benefit of individuals and society. It is important to state that the data remains at the local data location. The patient data never leaves the hospital, personal locker or country, without consent of the data-owner. Rather, a ‘train’ (algorithm) visits several data locations and analyses the data on the spot, only taking the outcomes of a particular research question along on its trip.

The PHT aims to advance health, healthcare and biomedical science through a shared infrastructure to support data management (healthcare data, health & lifestyle data, and biomedical research data), data analysis, and medical decision-making.

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Featured image: Courtesy of Computable.nl