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GO UNI successfully kicked-off in Germany

For the concrete implementation of a professional research data management, different approaches are chosen at German universities, which are geared to the university-specific needs, and organizational structures and cultures. Here the wheel is often reinvented instead of building on existing and reusable solutions. Both the building and the establishment of university-wide research data management structures can be designed more effectively and efficiently if existing RDM institutions build networks, cooperate and exchange their experiences best practices and standards. In particular, the most difficult and at the same time most important aspect of establishing RDM competence centres at universities, namely a cultural change within the universities and a change of mentality among researchers, should be promoted and facilitated by such networking.

For this purpose, the Implementation Network GO UNI (as a national chapter of the Data Stewardship Competence Center IN) was founded under the umbrella of the international GO FAIR initiative. GO UNI’s virtual kick-off workshop took place on 8 October 2020. A total of 28 different institutions took part in the event. Since the GO UNI content was to be defined and designed from within the German community, a key part of the kick-off meeting was a barcamp slot. In this, all participants had the opportunity to determine for themselves in which format and what content, needs and competencies should be discussed. A better networking of the actors as well as an overview of the activities of the German and international RDM initiatives were identified as essential requirements of the German RDM community. Further steps of GO UNI are defined in a newly founded GO UNI core team and solutions will be worked out in close cooperation with the RDM community.

Currently the next strategy meeting is being organized. It will take place on 11 February 2021. The GO UNI Community is open for further members and welcomes new workshop participants. Contact Monika and Patrick for more information.

This short report was written by the GO UNI IN Coordinators Monika Linne and Patrick Helling.