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Kick-start of a Polish Data Stewards Community

Maria Pawlowska and her colleagues in the Polish Chapter of the Data Stewardship Competence Centers Implementation Network (DSCC IN), are in the midst of conducting a 1-week Data Stewardship School (September 14-18) as a way to kick-start a Polish Data Stewards Community.  This 1-week training is viewed as “ground zero” for launching national data stewardship activities in Poland. Maria asked GO FAIR to contribute on Monday (September 14), helping to frame the overall training event in an international context.

The Data Stewardship School and the DSCC gathers on Monday and Tuesday for a “show-n-tell” followed by open discussions about how to set up a national data stewardship community.

Monday September 14, Erik Schultes gave an overview of the FAIR Guiding Principles, GO FAIR, data stewardship and the DSCC Implementation Network. He introduces the idea of National DSCCs and the opportunities for convergence. A panel of interesting speakers (from funding organizations, schools, universities and research institutes) shared their views and experiences on FAIR.

Tuesday September 15, a series of short presentations followed by people from the National (Italian, Danish, Irish, Dutch, Ugandan, Chinese, US) data stewardship communities, sharing their experience with the Polish group. The day was closed with a panel discussion to scope the major issues and – most importantly – to identify common problems where solutions within the DSCC can be reused. In short, how local national efforts can be coordinated at an international level.