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Accelerating Convergence in 2020

At the 2nd Annual GO FAIR Implementation network meeting in Hamburg the GO FAIR community refocused efforts towards convergence. Convergence is needed to bring together domain-specific approaches on data and infrastructures as well as experiences in training and education which enables the adoption and extension of existing practices and solutions.

Several areas for potential cross-IN or cross-domain collaboration had been revealed during the meeting. A selection of six topics was discussed vividly in separate breakout sessions:

  1. Distributed learning on federated data
    How could the FDO help/be used to support the data trains?
    Oya Beyan, Marius Herr (PHT IN)
  2. FAIR data objects: how to
    The creation of FDO specification for use across all domains.
    Nicola Knight (Chemistry IN), Stan Martin (FAIR Microbiome), Erik Schultes (GO FAIR)
  3. Semantic interoperability
    Peter Mutschke (GO Inter)
  4. Data stewardship competences – terminology, training materials
    Valentina Pasquale (DSCC IN)
  5. GO Change: Scaling FAIR to industry and global goals (SDGs)
    Ben Schaap (Food Systems IN)
  6. Discovery: how to make your data discoverable
    Peter Kraker (OKMaps, Discovery IN)

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Specific objectives for GO FAIR Community Convergence will be defined in the coming weeks and a high level energy will keep the ball rolling among Implementation Networks towards further developments, collaboration and convergence. Results will be presented at the virtual International FAIR Convergence Symposium convened by CODATA and GO FAIR on 27 November – 04 December 2020.

All meeting materials can be found here: