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FAIR Implementation Matrix: Development meeting

On Thursday June 13, 2019 a development meeting for the FAIR Implementation Matrix was held at the GO FAIR International Support and Coordination Office in Leiden.

The Matrix is a transparent, bottom-up inventory of standards, technologies, data, and other resources that communities have chosen in order to become more FAIR. The purpose of the Matrix is to catalyse global decision-making on the efficient reuse of resources in an emerging Internet of FAIR Data and Services.

The GO FAIR Matrix was launched in the January 2019 meeting of GO FAIR Implementation Networks. Following the meeting, there has been a rapid progress of the Matrix components including the questionnaire, interfaces, semantics, as well as potential hosting discussions. Slide deck detailing the developments in the GO FAIR Matrix so far:

Matrix.GO FAIR


Other research communities such as the ENVRI-FAIR project, FAIRplus project, and CS3 have independently developed their own approaches but with synergetic overlaps. This meeting brought together 30 representatives of key Matrix development stakeholders with the objective to disseminate updates on progress towards implementations within the individual research communities and to align efforts going forward.

This cross-community working group agreed to join forces in the following months. High priority tasks include: refinement of the Matrix requirements, creation of unique identifiers for the Matrix concepts and definition of a common FAIR knowledge model, tooling for a user friendly questionnaire.

Experts from the Centre for Digital Scholarship Leiden University Libraries, Department of Computer Science at VU University Amsterdam as well as several FAIR StRePo IN members (representatives from FAIRsharing and the Data Stewardship Wizard) will cooperate with the above mentioned research communities.